Hay Creek Kennel - Seminar with Sonny Piekarz (August 26)


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On Saturday, August 26th a follow up Hay Creek Kennel Seminar, with Sonny Piekarz was held on the East Grounds of the Des Plaines SFWA. Joined by his wife, Shannon, the seminar was once again very well received by all. After a quick review Sonny took the group to the field along with one of his nearly finished dogs. Demonstrating the cooperation, style and handling that Sonny’s training can lead to wetted everyone’s appetite for the rest of the day.

This being the second seminar for most of the handlers, we were able to spend more hands-on time with our dogs in the yard and in the field. A delicious lunch was once again prepared by Dennis Nowak with the assistance of wife, Patti and Alice Graack. Thank you to all the handlers who contributed to the meal by bringing along a side dish. Before the end of the day’s question and answer session the group was asked if they would be interested in spending a few days mentoring with Sonny up at his kennel in Gilman Wisconsin. A resounding YES, will lead to a road trip sometime next spring or summer. Thank you again to Sonny and Shannon and everyone who helped out on the 26th. For more information on Hay Creek Kennel see Sonny’s website at www.haycreekkennel.com, or www.facebook.com/HayCreekKennel.