Hay Creek Kennel - July 2018

On his way to becoming a dog training legend, Wisconsin's Hay Creek Kennel's Sonny Piekarz joined GSPCI and VCOI for another training clinic on July 21. With over 20 years as a pro trainer and guide, Sonny has a unique way of sharing his passion for helping dogs and handlers reach their full potential. A Huntsmith trainer, Sonny was able to help both experienced and novice handlers. Building on the Foundation principals of mentoring and teaching your dog to go with you, come to you and stand still Sonny developed the canine confidence course as a way to reinforce our roles as leaders, not disciplinarians for our dogs. 

Pictures of the seminar


This was Sonny's fourth, and arguably most successful training clinic held at Des Plaines. With a core group of handlers gaining experience with his techniques we look forward to mentoring newer handlers and bringing Sonny back for a clinic on the next phase of their training system.