Intro to Field Trials - 2019

March 10, 2019 - Introduction to Field Trials Wrap Up

Twenty-five handlers along with thirty-three dogs helped kick off this year’s training season with the joint GSPCI-VCOI Introduction to Field Trialing training day. Organized by Dave Wolfe and Dennis Nowak, the two recruited experienced judges and handlers, Harold Heather, Chad Morsch and GSPCI’s Joe Vicari to help introduce a group of eager handlers to the fun of field trialing.

 The morning began with a classroom style discussion led by Dennis Nowak and Dave Wolfe featuring veteran handler and breeder, Joe Vicari. The first group of handlers then headed out to the field with the younger, Puppy and Derby age dogs being judged and coached by Dennis Nowak and Randi O’Neill.

 Saddled up and dressed for a winter ride, Harold Heather and Chad Morsch began what turned out to be a long, long day in the saddle. With nothing to break the late winter wind the two dedicated sportsmen patiently guided the rest of the handlers through various levels of hunting/gun dog stakes. After a quick break for lunch, we finished up the afternoon with a group of cold, but happy handlers and dogs.

For most of the participants this was their first exposure to field trials. Most of the questions related to the similarities and differences between this and the more familiar hunting tests. We hope that the day will encourage more of our members to give the original pointing dog field sport a try.

 Helping to make the day a success were additional volunteers, Patti Nowak, Brad Haseman, Andy Caron, Kevin Henthorn, Brad Lepoudre and Perry Dlugie.